Posted by: liviuhorovitz | February 23, 2010

CTBT Newsroom for Journalists goes LIVE

Journalists writing about the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) need to be able to quickly find accurate and reliable information at their fingertips. With this in mind this CTBTO Newsroom has been established.

This newsroom contains clear and concise information about the Treaty, its purpose and status, the $1 billion investment that has been made in it, as well as information about the benefits of the verification regime, and the Treaty organization, the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test- Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) .

“We invite journalists to check it out and we’d be delighted to hear their views about whether it assists them,” said Annika Thunborg, spokesperson for the CTBTO.

“The newroom also allows us to make information more readily available to journalists” she said. “We will now be able, for example, to upload information of interest to journalists directly from the hallway of a conference,” she said.

Here at, journalists will soon be able to find raw quotes, short reports, unprocessed audio files and video recordings as well as Contact information for the CTBTO press office.

The newsroom provides links to the CTBTO’s other media resources, such as: a daily  review of news & op-eds, CTBT in the News;  an extensive image bank at CTBTO Image Packages and on Flickr; loosely cut, free of rights B-roll  CTBTO Video Footage;  the most recent Highlights; a bi-monthly compilation of international CTBT news in the Newsletter, and a link to CTBTO Press Releases.

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