Posted by: kirstenhaupt | March 23, 2010

New Google map features now on the CTBTO website

New interactive map features help answer questions on the history of nuclear explosions, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and the build-up of its global alarm system. Do you want to know how many nuclear tests were carried out in 1963? Or how many countries had signed or ratified the Treaty in 1999? Or how many monitoring stations had been installed in 2006?

You can find the answers to these questions by using the newly enhanced Google maps on the CTBTO website. They offer interactive functions that give you access to detailed information.

Timelines at the bottom of the various maps allow you to travel back in time. The display of the exact status of signatures and ratification at any given time is only a mouse click away on the map on CTBT adherence.  Similarly, the International Monitoring System (IMS) map provides insights into the progress made over the years in building monitoring stations.  The map on the history of nuclear explosions offers information on the nuclear explosions conducted in any given year. Key dates that will link users to stories on milestone events in the history of nuclear testing.

Should you not be able to see the new maps, please make sure to refresh your browser’s cache by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking the refresh button in your browser. This will clear the cache and you will see the new map.

Read more in our Highlight on the CTBTO website.

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