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CTBTO simulation made available by German federal organization


Click on image to run the simulation


The Federal Office for Radiation Protection of Germany (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS) has published on their website information originating from CTBTO’s daily supply of data and analyses.

The animated atmospheric dispersion modeling simulation above, prepared by the CTBTO, is one of the features provided by BfS. This particular animation was used by the CTBTO as a forecast model of the radiation dispersal pattern to be expected in the days following the Fukushima nuclear accident.  It does not depict the actual findings and measurements of the CTBTO radionuclide stations.

For more information see here: Messstation für atmosphärische Radioaktivität Schauinsland (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS)

The animated map below, produced by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection of Germany, depicts the locations and the time sequence with which the radionuclide monitoring network of the CTBTO detected radionuclides and traces of  the noble gas Xenon-133, substances produced in the event of a nuclear test or in this case a nuclear accident, originating from Fukushima.

The map shows where on the globe CTBTO radionuclide stations are located. Some of these stations, marked with a brown square frame, have the capability to also detect the presence of Xenon-133. The animation then shows which station picked up measurements on which day within the time period from March 12 to March 20. Radiation levels or the exact findings of the measurements are not portrayed here. However, the BfS website provides some more information on that  in the webpage linked below.

For more information see here: Atmosphärische Ausbreitungsrechnung für Fukushima und die Verteilung der Messstellen des internationalen Messnetzes der CTBTO (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS)

Click on image to run the animation

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