Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | April 8, 2011

Fukushima-Related Measurements by the CTBTO

The purpose of the CTBTO International Monitoring System is to detect nuclear weapons tests to monitor compliance with the total ban on all nuclear explosions, as legally inscribed in the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). It is also widely acknowledged that its monitoring data is of great scientific value and can be used for purposes such as disaster mitigation and civil preparedness. 

The Treaty does not  restrict the international exchange of data for scientific purposes and promotes cooperation among Member States to use its verification  technologies for peaceful purposes.  [Article IV of the Treaty, paragraphs 10 and 12 respectively]

CTBTO data contributed to rapid tsunami warning alerts in the wake of the devastating tsunami in  Japan on March 11. In the following days, as events of the nuclear crisis in Fukushima were unfolding and the international community became increasingly concerned about the dispersal of radiation in the atmosphere, CTBTO contributed information from its radionuclide stations, which picked up traces of radionuclides and noble gas around the world, as well as radiation dispersal modeling forecasts to 120 Member States and over 1,200 scientific and academic institutions.

This new “Highlight” story provides figures, information and some useful links summing up and explaining how the CTBTO monitoring system performed in the course of last month’s crisis in Japan and how it contributed and continues to contribute  to the ongoing disaster mitigation efforts.

Read the new highlight on Fukushima-Related measurements by the CTBTO, here.

More information on potential civil and scientific apprications of the CTBT verification data and technologies, available here.

Read again the press release of 11 March on CTBTO’s contribution to tsunami warning, here.

Read again the press release of 18 March on CTBTO sharing data with the IAEA and the WHO, here.

Read again the press release of 25 March on the participation of the CTBTO Executive Secretary in the video conference held by UN Secretary-General, here.

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