Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | July 7, 2011

Hans Blix: “Ratification of the CTBT should be pushed”

In his review of the state of play on nuclear disarmament in mid 2011, Hans Blix suggests to bring about a “more relaxed climate”, especially between the great powers, that would be conducive to launch various disarmament measures. These would include a follow up on New Start, the removal of deployed nuclear weapons to USA and central Russia, deepened negotiations with Iran and DPRK, negotiations of a cut off agreement of fissionable material for weapons use (FMCT) and the creation of assures of supply of uranium. Blix also calls for nurtured efforts to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-test-ban Treaty (CTBT).

To consult the whole review:

Also, see a recent interview with Hans Blix by The Economist:

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