Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | January 13, 2012

Guatemala becomes the 156th country to ratify the CTBT!

Guatemala signed the CTBT on 20 September 1999 and hosts an operational auxiliary seismic station (AS037) at El Azapote.

Guatemala ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, the 156th country to do so!

“Guatemala’s ratification of the CTBT is an important building block towards a world free of nuclear weapons. It underlines Guatemala’s commitment to outlaw nuclear testing and to enhance non-proliferation and disarmament worldwide,” said CTBTO Executive Secretary, Tibor Tóth, welcoming the new ratification from Central America.

There are now only two more countries, Cuba and Dominica, that still need to ratify before all countries in the nuclear-weapon-free zone in Latin America and the Caribbean established by the 1967 Tlatelolco Treaty adhere to the CTBT.

The new ratification comes only a month after the Indonesian parliament’s decision to ratify the CTBT, a development of crucial importance given that Indonesia is one of the nine remaining States that need to ratify for the Treaty to enter into force.

Read the press release here.

Read the press release in Spanish here.

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