Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | September 7, 2012

UN General Assembly special session on the International Day against Nuclear Tests

On Thursday 6 September, CTBTO Executive Secretary Tibor Tóth addressed the UN General Assembly meeting in observance of the International Day against Nuclear Tests: “We have to turn the ground zeros of test sites into – zero tests. We have to join forces. We have to convince the remaining eight that there should be no tests in the future and that there is no future with tests. The world will have to put an end to nuclear explosions, before nuclear explosions put an end to the world.”

See in full text and video Tibor Tóth’s address to the UN General Assembly

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reiterated his call for the CTBT’s early entry into force and offered to visit any capital of the countries that still need to ratify the CTBT to convince officials on the merits of the Treaty and its verifiability.

Full text of the message by the UN Secretary-General here.

More on the International Day against Nuclear Tests.

News reporting on the UNGA special session:

Secretary-General, In Message On International Day Against Nuclear Tests, Offers To Visit Any State Remaining Unconvinced Of Reliability Of Test-Ban Treaty (UN News Centre)

General Assembly meeting highlights need to end nuclear testing for a safer world (UN News Centre)

Experts Warn Of Nuclear Testing Risks Despite Moratorium, As General Assembly Marks International Day (UN News Centre)

U.N. chief urges states to ratify CTBT (Kyodo news)

UN Calls for End to Nuclear Weapons (Prensa Latina)

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