Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | February 20, 2013

‘Nature’ magazine’s editorial on the CTBT and its monitoring system

‘Nature’ magazine runs an editorial entitled “Eyes and ears: Two explosions last week demonstrated the importance of global monitoring” on the importance of the CTBT and its monitoring system in the light of the recent DPRK and Chelyabinsk events.


“Just a few days before the spectacular events over Russia, the CTBT network picked up a less visible but politically more significant incident. On 12 February, North Korea conducted its third nuclear-weapon test deep underground. On this occasion, the CTBT network’s seismic sensors detected the blast, and located it to within a few kilometres of North Korea’s previous nuclear tests.”

“The meteor strike also shows that the constructed network has great value in its own right. It has done much non-nuclear-test work since it became active: tracking earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear accidents”

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