Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | September 27, 2013

Talk Radio News Service features newly launched Group of Eminent Persons and conducts interview Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo

TalkRadioNews17 Years Later, Eight Nations Still Holding Up Ban On Nuclear Tests

The United States signed the CTBT in 1996, but in 1999 the Senate blocked ratification and the treaty has been in Congressional limbo ever since.

UNITED NATIONS (TRNS) – Over 90% of the world has signed the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, but eight nuclear-capable nations, including the United States, stand in the way of its enaction as they balk on the crucial step of treaty ratification.

On the sidelines of this week’s U.N. General Assembly, Dr. Lassina Zerbo, the newly-elected Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), insisted the CTBTO is stronger than ever and deserves to enter into force.

Thanks to a network of nearly 300 sensors placed around the planet that help ensure quick and accurate detection of nuclear tests, the CTBTO is capable of fulfilling its intended mandate.

“The system is solid across the world. We’ve built a deterrent that serves all countries,” Zerbo said. “We have an international monitoring system that proves this treaty is verifiable.”

Read full article here.

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