Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | January 14, 2014

CTBTO head Lassina Zerbo Arms Control Person of the Year


“The executive secretary of the Provisional Technical Secretariat of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), Lassina Zerbo, garnered the highest number of votes in an online poll to determine the “2013 Arms Control Person of the Year.” Nine other individuals were nominated by the staff of the Arms Control Association for their significant achievements and contributions to reducing the threats posed by the world’s most dangerous weapons in the past year.

Dr. Zerbo, who became the executive secretary of the CTBTO in 2013, was recognized for helping to persuade China to provide data from its International Monitoring System stations to the International Data Centre (IDC) in Vienna and for providing real-time data regarding North Korea’s third nuclear test explosion. Zerbo is a geophysicist by training and hails from Burkina Faso. He served from 2004-2013 as the Director of the IDC.”

Read the full media advisory here

Lassina Zerbo in reaction to winning the award: “I am deeply honoured and humbled by this distinction. […] The credit for providing swift, reliable and precise data on the announced nuclear test by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in February 2013 goes to the amazing staff of the CTBTO who have been working tirelessly and with utmost dedication. ”

Read his full reaction here

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