Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | January 15, 2014

Pakistan Daily Times publishes article on CTBT’s future


Analysis by Rizwan Asghar exploring arguments for and against the provisional entry into force of the CTBT. Asghar predicts that this would facilitate the remaining ratifications:

“This approach will not only enable the consenting states to avoid unnecessary political obstacles but will also strengthen nuclear test ban regimes. Without violating the provisions of article XIV of the treaty, this approach is likely to increase pressure on other countries to accelerate their ratification processes. The CTBT, after it is provisionally applied by a large number of states, will have enhanced legal status, increasing the political costs of violation. In this way, the treaty would provide a stronger legal basis for collective UN action against the violator and there would be a glimmer of hope to prevent failure of the ‘test ban’ norm.”

Read the full article here


  1. Pakistan has been consistently in favour of nuclear restraints. At the same time, we have emphasized the principle of universality. Discrimination and double standards are an anathema in the new political order the community of states aspires to establish.

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