Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | May 29, 2014

CNN reports on potential of CTBTO’s hydroacoustic IMS data in detecting MH370 crash


CNN has posted a video on the latest developments in the search for flight MH370 that includes an interview with CTBTO hydroacoustic expert Mark Prior speaking on the potential for newly discovered signals to assist the search. According to the video, “A new potential lead, a sound that could have been the plane crashing, was detected by underwater microphones…. The United Nations’ Nuclear Test-Ban Organization has a network of 11 hydrophone stations that pick up many sounds, even ice breaking thousands of miles away in Antarctica.” Mark Prior noted, “It’s possible, but the circumstances that would allow it would have to be very particular.”  

Watch the video here

In addition, the following articles have been published on the ongoing search for the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370 which mention analysing IMS hydroacoustic data for possible clues:

Sound clue in hunt for MH370 (Nature)

Did ocean device capture MH370’s end? (CNN)

UPDATE 3-Australia says missing Malaysia plane not where “pings” heard (Reuters)

A number of pick-ups have also appeared:

New Sound Clue Emerges in Hunt for Malaysian Airliner (Scientific American)

Malaysia Airlines flight: Mystery deepens as acoustic pings prove false (+video) (Christian Science Monitor)

Australia Says Flight MH370 Not Where ‘Pings’ Were Heard (Net News Ledger)

Search for missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner suffers further setback (SABC)

Australia: Missing Malaysian airliner not where ‘pings’ heard (Interaksyon)

Australia Says Missing Malaysia Plane Not Where ‘Pings’ Heard (International Business Times)

MH370: Missing Malaysia plane not where ‘pings’ heard (Irish Times)

Australia still confident MH370 in southern Indian Ocean (World Bulletin)

Australia: Missing MH370 not where ‘pings’ heard (Malaysia Kini)

Verschollene Boeing: Australien verwirft Blackbox-Spur von Flug MH370 (Spiegel) [In German: Missing Boeing: Australia dismisses black box trace of flight MH370]

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