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Jordan: Hosting Integrated Field Exercise unrelated to the situation in the region

Press conference by Jordanian government on IFE14, Aman, Sep 30, 2014 (Credit: Petra News Agency)

A ministerial-level press conference in Amman emphasised the objectives and significance of IFE14 for Jordan’s non-proliferation and disarmament policies.

(Rough working translation from Arabic)

In a Joint meeting with the Jordan News Agency (Petra) on Tuesday 30th of September, the Minister of State for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson, Mohammed Al-Momani, and Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Mohamed Hamed, confirmed  that Jordan is hosting the IFE14 in collaboration with the CTBTO. They added that this exercise attests to the Kingdom’s commitment to international treaties and its belief in the need to find a Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction.”

Momani described the success of the exercise as one of the most important stations for the Treaty to enter into force, a test of the readiness of the organization to carry out on-site inspection if the need arises in the future, noting that OSI is the last stage of the Treaty’s verification regime.

Mohamed Hamed emphasized that the exercise has nothing to do with Dimona in Israel nor nuclear power programmes, referring to the importance of the training of experts and its contribution to strengthening the capacity of Jordan to benefit from these experiences, science and technology used in the exercise.

“Hosting this field inspection is not related to the situation in the region or the kingdom’s participation in the war against terrorism.”

This is “consistent with the Kingdom’s message in scientific cooperation internationally, the reduction of weapons of mass destruction and disarmament. This exercise helps to develop the capacity of national experiences working on Jordan’s peaceful nuclear program.”

Read more: IFE14 webpage

The Integrated Field Exercise 2014: Its importance for peace and stability in the Middle East, by Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour of Jordan

(in Arabic) Petra, Alrai, and Factjo



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