Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | December 5, 2014

Gottemoeller: “The Vision of Prague Endures”


United States’ Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, Rose Gottemoeller.

The United States’ Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, Rose Gottemoeller delivered a speech at the Prague Agenda 2014 Conference hosted by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague, Czech Republic on Thursday 4 December. The aim of the conference, which was the fourth such conference to be organized, was to discuss issues related to the ‘Prague Agenda’ announced by the United States’ President Barack Obama in April 2009. As keynote speaker on the first day of conference, Under Secretary Goettemoeller discussed normative and critical approaches to global nuclear disarmament. Gottemoeller’s remarks focusedon the challenges related to the 2015 Non-Proliferation-Treaty, NPT Review Conference. The Under Secretary for Arms Control also addressed the CTBT entry into force as well as stressed the mission and aims of the Integrated Field Exercise 2014, IFE14. Today 5 December, CTBTO head Lassina Zerbo will also participate in the conference as speaker in the first panel discussion of today’s programme on global and regional challenges to the NPT.

 “It was here in Prague that President Obama laid out his vision for the peace and security of a world free of nuclear weapons, not as a desirable, but unattainable dream, but as an achievable long-term goal. “

“I recently participated in an observer’s day for the 2014 Integrated Field Exercise hosted by Jordan and the Preparatory Commission for the CTBT…These experts are employing the latest in nuclear explosion detection technologies like noble gas, seismic, multispectral imaging, and many others to test the techniques, equipment, and operational procedures needed to conduct an on-site inspection under the Treaty’s verification regime. The exercise is a testament to what we can achieve through cooperation and creativity.”

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