Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | December 11, 2014

Indian author stresses CTBT as “important, indispensable, step towards abolishing these mass-destruction arms”


The following opinion article in the Indian website is pointing out the CTBT’s security benefits for India and Pakistan. Particularly, the article brings  facts about India’s and Pakistan’s nuclear history and makes analysis of the current situation.

Eighteen years after it rejected the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Indian government remains implacably hostile to it, and bristles even at attempts to raise the issue of its entry into force (EIF). This was demonstrated again last week when a member of an eminent persons’ group, established by the Preparatory Commission for the CTBT Organisation to promote EIF, visited India. He was given the cold shoulder by the foreign ministry. India professes a commitment to global nuclear disarmament, but doesn’t support an important, indispensable, step towards abolishing these mass-destruction arms — the only weapons which can exterminate all life on earth, and against which there’s no real defence.”

“India, like Pakistan and North Korea, hasn’t signed the CTBT, which now has 183 signatories. Another five states — China, Egypt, Iran, Israel and the US — have signed, but not ratified, it. Unless all these eight countries (among the 44 identified as “nuclear-capable” because they possess nuclear-power or research reactors) ratify the CTBT, it can’t come into force. India had announced a unilateral moratorium on testing after its 1998 nuclear blasts, and promised not to block EIF.”

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