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Media briefing to disclose: Has the IFE14 inspection team found evidence of a nuclear test in Maridia?

16 December 2014

Media are cordially invited to a briefing on the Integrated Field Exercise 2014 (IFE14) in Jordan on 18 December 2014 from 11.00 at the Vienna International Centre in conference room C5 (C-building, 7th floor). This most ambitious, realistic and challenging simulation of an on-site inspection ever conducted by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) started on 3 November and concluded on 9 December 2014.

Present at the briefing will be CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo, Exercise Director Oleg Rozhkov and Exercise Manager Gordon MacLeod.

Media Resources for IFE14:


The 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) bans all nuclear explosions in all environments, including underground. To date, 183 countries have signed the CTBT, of which 163 have ratified. However, eight States have yet to ratify for entry into force: China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and the United States.

The CTBTO has established a verification regime capable of detecting nuclear explosions anywhere on the planet. It features a network of 337 monitoring facilities which detected all three North Korean nuclear tests. Once the Treaty enters into force, on-site inspections will further reinforce the CTBT’s verification regime.

For further information on the CTBT, please see – your resource on ending nuclear testing. More information on the meeting, including statements, will be provided there.

Elisabeth Wächter,
Chief of Public Information

T    +43 1 26030 6375
E    Opens window for sending emailElisabeth.WAECHTER@CTBTO.ORG
M    +43 699 1459 6375

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