Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | February 11, 2015

Nuclear Blasts May Prove Best Marker of Humanity’s Geologic Record (Scientific American)

Article by David Biello proposing that the Anthropocene era began with the deposition of fallout isotopes on to the Earth.

“The three isotopes in question are cesium 137 and plutonium 239 and 240, which will take millennia or more to decay. There are no known natural sources of cesium 137. As a result of the subsequent detonations of hundreds of such weapons around the globe, there will be plenty of these isotopes still around far into the future. Like the meteorite that helped end the Cretaceous period about 65 million years ago, and possibly the reign of the dinosaurs as well, the nuclear detonation may mark for future geologists a turning point in Earth’s history.”


Read full article in The Scientific American

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