Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | March 11, 2015

Pakistan must take lead in South Asia by signing CTBT: CTBTO Executive Secretary

Daily Pakistan article, based on an information visit of a group of journalists from Pakistan to the CTBTO on 10 March 2015, where they met with Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo and toured the International Data Centre.

“Pakistan must take a leadership role in South Asia by signing Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and let India follow suit. It is our collective responsibility to make this world a safer place for the sake of our next generations. Pakistan must benefit from the wealth of knowledge available with CTBTO by gaining full and direct access to data from all 300 CTBTO stations worldwide to study earthquakes, storm systems and early warnings about food insecurity. These views were expressed by the Executive Secretary [General] of CTBTO, Lassina Zerbo, during a meeting with a select group of senior journalists from Pakistan at the organization’s headquarters in Vienna.”


Read full article in Daily Pakistan.

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