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The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz report on upcoming CTBT workshop in Israel on Integrated Field Exercise IFE14

The on-site inspection workshop in Ramat-Gan, Israel, from 12 to 16 April will discuss the outcome of the Integrated Field Exercise IFE14 in Jordan late last year.

Jerusalem PostDelegates from Middle East, Muslim world to convene in Israel for nuclear conference

Around 100 representatives total will take part in the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization conference next week.

Israel will host a prestigious, UN-sponsored international conference next week on the ban of nuclear tests. Around 100 representatives will take part in the meeting, including from Arab and Muslim states that don’t have diplomatic relations with Israel.

Jordanian and Egyptian delegates will also attend the conference. To ensure the safety of the participants, the Foreign Ministry issued safety and travel assurances.

The conference is organized by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization headquartered in Vienna.

The purpose of the gathering is to evaluate and draw lessons from a recent on-site field exercise held in Jordan in November. Senior Israeli officials participated in the exercise, which tested the preparedness of the equipment used by CTBTO to monitor nuclear tests.

There are hundreds of monitoring stations in the world linked to the Vienna headquarters which are ready to monitor, identify and evaluate nuclear tests. Israel is home to two such stations and one laboratory in the small nuclear research reactor at Sorek, 20 km. south of Tel Aviv.

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Israel to host confab of Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
The group hopes to make further progress on proving that it’s impossible to conceal a nuclear explosion.

Israel next week will host a convention of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, as the group seeks to build on the progress made at a field exercise in Jordan in November. There, the group said it was hopeless to try to hide a nuclear explosion.

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