Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | June 17, 2016

“The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Turns 20. It’s an anniversary worth celebrating” (UN Dispatch)

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty marks 20 years since it was open for signature. Over a hundred and twenty diplomats arrived in Vienna to attend the 20 years Ministerial Meeting, acknowledge the work that has been done so far and discuss the potential steps forward for the Treaty’s entry into force.

UN Dispatch marked this occasion with a podcast dedicated to the CTBT anniversary. Arms Control Association Director Daryl Kimball was a guest and made mention of the important work being completed by the CTBTO.

“The CTBT has become a very effective treaty over the past two decades, in particular through deployment of a system of monitoring stations around the world that can detect anomalous seismic activity and radioactive discharge into the atmosphere,” said Kimball.

Additionally, the podcast included a discussion on the implications of the non-ratification of the Treaty by the United States.

Original article

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