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North Korea nuclear tests: How Australia is watching Kim Jong-un by

Published on on 12 October 2017, the articles discusses how CTBTO International Monitoring System (IMS) monitors the earth for nuclear explosions and how Australia with its six seismic, two infrasound, and one hydroacoustic station contributes to CTBTO’s Verification Regime.

“If North Korea tests its nuclear tech, the entire global nuclear monitoring system is watching, including a few Aussie stations.”

There are 321 monitoring stations around the world all designed with one common goal.

The International Monitoring System (IMS) uses four technologies to monitor nuclear activity in countries including North Korea.

Unsurprisingly some of these stations are located within our own borders and play a powerful role in monitoring rogue nations.



The Vienna-based Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) uses the IMS to detect nuclear tests around the world.

This means if Kim Jong-un decides to conduct another nuclear test there are several monitoring stations in Australia which could potentially pick up this abnormal activity.

According to Dr Findlay its monitoring system, which began construction in 1996, is “sensitive enough to detect underground nuclear tests below 1 kiloton”.

The CTBTO picked up the September 3 blast detecting a seismic magnitude of 6.1 and a blast yield of 160 kilotons.

Data such as this is picked up is transmitted to Vienna via satellite where it is analysed and distributed to member states.

The CTBTO’s International Monitoring System is basically designed to verify compliance with the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban treaty.

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