Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | April 26, 2018

Activist: Talking about nuclear weapons is not enough, we must shout

In an interview with Euractiv, Karipek Kuyukov, a Kazakh anti-nuclear activist, artist, and Honorary Ambassador of The ATOM Project, talks about nuclear disarmament and the global political climate. He is among the 1.5 million people affected by Soviet nuclear weapons tests at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site in eastern Kazakhstan, and due to his mother’s exposure to radiation he was born without arms.

He recounts stories from his years of activism, of which one stood out to him in particular: it was about a family where the mother bore 10 sick children, none of which lived to be older than 15. Kuyukov, highlighting his satisfaction with his home country regarding non-proliferation, stated, “Wherever I have been, I always say with pride that I live in a country that was one of the first to give up nuclear weapons.” As a survivor, the activist believes his story can inspire other survivors and have an impact on the future. “I have always said, my goal in this life, or maybe my mission, is here. We can achieve the complete destruction of all weapons if we do it together.”


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