Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | May 17, 2018

Shutting down Punggye Ri



In an article from Atomic Reporters, Tariq Rauf, a consultant with the CTBTO, discusses the dismantlement of North Korea’s test site Punggye Ri, that will take place between 23-25 May 2018, which journalists from China, the Russian Federation, the U.K. and the U.S. are invited to witness. The author points out that even though journalists have experience in covering nuclear related matters, they are not nuclear-weapon or verification experts.

He points out that the IAEA has expertise in monitoring and verification of nuclear safety and security, but that the CTBTO has the required expertise and credibility to verify an agreement on the closure of the test site. Rauf explains that “the IAEA monitors the “upstream” dimension of nuclear weapons development, while the CTBT is intended to monitor the “downstream” final proof of a State’s intention to develop nuclear weapons—that is, the actual nuclear test explosion.”

According to the official announcement by the DPRK, the procedure of closing down the nuclear test site would involve collapsing the tunnels by explosion, completely blocking entries and removing all observation facilities, research institutes and structures on the ground.


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