Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | October 19, 2018

The Nuclear Test Ban and the Verifiable Denuclearization of North Korea

This article by CTBTO Executive Secretary, Lassina Zerbo, published in Arms Control Today (preview article of the November 2018 issue), focuses on the possible contribution of the CTBT and the CTBTO to the verifiable path of the denuclearization of North Korea. Dr Zerbo argues that “verification is key to permanently ending nuclear test explosions in North Korea”…”verifiable measures are at the heart of lasting nuclear arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament”. He also notes that the CTBTO and its technological tools are unique, when it comes to providing the adequate verification and to monitor an end to nuclear tests in North Korea. The CTBTO stands ready to contribute to the process of verifiable denuclearization if called on by its states signatories, comments Zerbo.

As current developments on the Korean peninsula are happening, “it is vital not to miss this opportunity to demonstrate to the world the value of the treaty and the efficacy of one of the most sophisticated and far-reaching verification regimes ever devised”…”together, we will ensure nuclear tests become a relic of the past and subsequently we will put in place one of the most practical and achievable elements of a nuclear-weapons-free world”, concludes Zerbo.









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