Spin-offs for disaster warning and science

Exploring the uses of CTBTO data is one of the issues explored at the Science and Technology Conferences, taking place every other year since 2009 at the Vienna Imperial Hofburg Palace

Exploring the many uses of CTBTO data is one of the issues at the CTBT: Science and Technology Conferences, which take place every other year at the Vienna Imperial Hofburg Palace

Spin-offs of verification data include include: early tsunami warningclimate change knowledge; a better understanding of the Earth’s crust and  core; non-intrusive whale studies.

The data provided by each technology can make a significant contribution:

Seismic – provides rapid information about earthquakes — of critical importance to early tsunami warnings, and contributes knowledge to research about the structure of the planet.

Infrasound – detects volcanic and chemical explosions, meteors and storm systems, and contributes to a better understanding of climate change.

Hydroacoustic – records ice shelf break up, tsunamis, whale calls. The data also contributes to shipping safety, weather forecasting and climate change estimates.

Radionuclide – provides knowledge about global background radiation levels, critical in the event of a nuclear accident, such as the Fukushima events. These data can also be used for historical studies of airborne pollutants and micro-organisms, as well as meteorology, supporting climate change research.

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