In an interview with France 24 regarding nuclear-related issues, CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo addressed important global concerns, such as North Korea and the Iran Deal.

Despite North Koreas’s last minute withdrawal from meeting US Vice President Mike Pence, Zerbo highlights the hope of rapprochement and dialogue with the international community in light of the Winter Olympics. “Ever the optimist,” as the moderator describes Zerbo, she also asked about the importance of the Iran Deal, where Zerbo expressed the view that the “Iran deal today is one of its kind because it’s the only multilateral agreement to date for the past decade that we can see in arms control or non-proliferation and disarmament. So there is an opportunity here to preserve it, to find a way to compromise as we move forward to creating the condition for other agreements in arms control to happen.”

Questioned about the US nuclear policy, the ES explains that while the US supports a moratorium against nuclear testing, it still opposes the ratification of the CTBT, emphasizing that there is “still work to do”. This was elaborated on when asked what steps the CTBTO is taking regarding nations that haven’t ratified the treaty, explaining that “we hope… the United States and China can find a way or an understanding where they build the trust or confidence necessary to get the constituents to move on this treaty.”

Watch the full interview on France 24’s YouTube channel.

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In an exclusive interview with Le Monde, Lassina Zerbo, the Executive Secretary of the CTBTO, shares his thoughts on the current state of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and the geopolitical context of DPRK’s nuclear testing.

The Executive Secretary sees the situation as a glass half full, even if the geopolitical context remains gloomy. States who have not yet ratified the CTBT, such as the US, still stand by the moratorium on testing. When asked about DPRK and how to deal with their hostility towards disarmament, he answered, “The most simple and achievable step in arms control for non-proliferation is the implementation of the CTBT and the future treaty on the prohibition of the production of fissile material [FMCT].”

Read the full article in French by Le Monde:

Lassina Zerbo, head of the CTBTO, stands next to a window that overlooks the downtown of Seoul as he pose for photographs during an interview with Reuters at a hotel in Seoul


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Preventing Nuclear Conflict in Europe

In anticipation of the 2018 Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger (Chairman of the Munich Security Conference), Sam Nunn (co-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative), and the GEM members Igor Ivanov and Des Browne have written an Op-ed for Project Syndicate.

They believe that the U.S., Russia and Europe must increase co-operation as the longer rising tensions between NATO countries and Russia persist, “the tighter the resulting knot of distrust will become – and the greater the risk of the ultimate ‘lose-lose’ scenario: a military conflict.”

The authors believe that to improve the security of all people in the Euro-Atlantic region, it must begin with “reducing nuclear and other military risks.” To combat these risks, the authors outline four remedies, one of which being the need to “preserve and extend existing agreements and treaties that are crucial to sustaining transparency and predictability.” Read the complete four-step guide here.



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