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CTBT Grows Amid Calls on N. Korea to Join

“The CTBT has gained some renewed attention as nations called on North Korea to join the treaty as a way to demonstrate its sincerity in declaring an end to its nuclear testing,” writes author Shervin Taheran in an article for Arms Control Association. Read the full article for more detail on events and statements from last week’s United Nations General Assembly.


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Interview with FRANCE 24


The ongoing diplomatic process between the US and DPRK is  a good start in the process of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the CTBTO said in an extensive interview FRANCE 24. He said the CTBT is important to  stopping vertical proliferation, preventing countries with nuclear weapons from developing more powerful weapons,  as well as horizontal proliferation, preventing new countries from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Watch the full interview here.

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The Arms Control Believer

CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo is called the “The Arms Control Believer” in an article by Sharon Squassoni published in Foreign Policy.

“Traditional arms control and disarmament treaties feel like vestiges of a bygone era,” Squassoni reports Zerbo as declaring.”But the 54-year-old geophysicist, born in Burkina Faso, insists that they are relevant.”

She writes that Zerbo says it is “high time to bring the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty into force.” At a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018 he said, “We owe it to ourselves and to future generations” Squassoni reports.

Since his election to lead the CTBTO in 2013, Zerbo has met foreign ministers, prime ministers, and presidents, “he even managed to get the Chinese to install monitoring stations and agree to share data”, Squassoni says.

Unfortunately alongside all of his successes, some efforts are still out of his hands. “Fifty years in the making, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) has been caught in legal limbo since 1996, hung up on its own provision that requires 44 specific states to ratify it,” concludes Squassoni.

Read full article here.

Secretary General of the CTBTO Zerbo gestures during an interview in Vienna

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