Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | November 25, 2011

28 November: Opening of the Advanced Science Course

Video: CTBTO Executive Secretary Tibor Tóth introduces the Advanced Science Course

On Monday 28 November at 14:30, the CTBTO is holding the opening of the Advanced Science Course on the verification technologies of the CTBT. The event will take place in Hall G of the Austria Center Vienna.

The opening remarks will be delivered at 14:30 by Tibor Tóth, the Executive Secretary of the CTBTO and Ambassadors Werner Druml and Nils Daag of Austria and Sweden respectively. Michael Spindelegger, the Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Austria, will address the opening through a video message.

The opening session will kick off a two-week course, held from 28 November to 9 December 2011, that will bring together scientists, educators, and members of civil society from over 100 countries. The course will comprise online preparatory materials, in-class lectures, guided tours of CTBTO facilities and other sites of interest. The lectures will be live-streamed and archived videos will be also available to the public through the CTBTO website. The course is part of the CTBTO’s Capacity Development Initiative (CDI), launched with the objective of training and educating the next generation of CTBT experts.

Read more about the Advanced Science Course here.

Video: CTBTO Executive Secretary, Tibor Tóth, introduces the Advanced Science Course. Watch here.

Watch the Advanced Science Course via live-stream here, and the course schedule here.


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