Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | March 26, 2014

“Stylus” highlights infrasound technology


Stylus is an experiment in sound, music and listening” which has posted about IMS infrasound technology, explaining the role of infrasound in CTBT verification and featuring recordings of three IS events, sped up for audibility. The post also quotes Pierrick Mialle, Acoustic Officer at the CTBTO: Mialle makes the case that this incidental monitoring of natural infrasound may actually be quite useful. “When an earthquake occurs, infrasound monitoring can be used to determine which regions of the surface topography are shaking more than others,” he says. And when volcanic eruptions happen, infrasound monitoring can warn air-traffic controllers about ash clouds and debris. “It’s kind of a complementary technology. We try to bring information to the people, so they can do a better job of warning the controllers and pilots.”

Read entire post:

“Infrasound Lowdown” by “Stylus”




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