Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | February 6, 2015

The search for an underground nuclear test (Physics Today)

Report by Physics Today’s David Kramer on the recent large-scale on-site inspection exercise in Jordan.

“Did the nation of Maridia secretly detonate a nuclear device? That was the question that Alluvia posed to the Comprehensive NuclearTest-Ban Treaty Organization after the CTBTO’s international monitoring system detected an ambiguous seismic event originating in Maridia. Alluvian officials’ suspicions led them to request that the CTBTO perform an on-site inspection.The Vienna- based organization quickly mobilized a team of dozens of experts to search for more conclusive evidence of an underground test.”


A multispectral and infrared imaging device being prepared and monitored for overflight. It records light both in the spectrum visible to human eyes, as well as in the infrared and thermal spectrum (to detect heat sources)


The inspection team set up a base of operations in Jordan. Behind the tents are some of the containers used to transport 150 tons of instruments and other equipment for the field exercise.

Article by Physics Today


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