Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | August 10, 2015

70 years after Hiroshima, the world is still at risk, by William Lambers (Philadelphia Inquirer)

William Lambers, historian and author of “Nuclear Weapons” and “The Road to Peace”:

“The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) has not been ratified by the United States, Israel, Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, or North Korea.

If nations are not committed to ending nuclear weapons testing, then they are not truly serious about disarmament. All citizens should hold their governments accountable for this.


Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo at the Hiroshima Peace Ceremony, 6 August 2015. Photo courtesy of City of Hiroshima

The U.S. Senate should ratify the test ban, as it is a crucial step toward disarming the world of nuclear weapons. The alternative is resuming nuclear weapons testing and causing international tensions and an arms race.

Imagine if the United States, along with Israel and Iran, each ratified the CTBT. What an important confidence-building step it would be alongside the Geneva agreement to keep Iran’s nuclear program peaceful.

The CTBT includes an international monitoring system to detect nuclear explosions anywhere around the globe and verify against cheating.

However, since the CTBT has not taken effect, some detection stations in Iran and elsewhere are not yet activated. We are all better off with the test ban in effect and its monitoring system fully implemented.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Read the full article here.

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