Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | July 13, 2016

Assessing the Impact of China’s MIRVs on South Asia (Stimson)

Rabia Akhtar, a member of the CTBTO Youth Group, has published an article commenting China’s modernization of its nuclear arsenal, mentioning that “achieving universal ratification and entry into force (EIF) of the CTBT is perhaps the single most important step through which technological determinism prevalent in the strategic competition in Asia can be checked and moderated. However, to generate the momentum for the closure and EIF of the CTBT, the United States and China would need to jointly lead the way by simultaneously ratifying the treaty and then inviting India and Pakistan to simultaneously sign and ratify the CTBT.”

This article was published as a commentary of the book The Lure and Pitfalls of MIRVs: From the First to the Second Nuclear Age, written by Michael Krepon, Shane Mason and Travis Wheeler, and released by the Stimson Center in May 2016.

Original article

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