Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | June 21, 2018

[인터뷰: CTBTO 사무총장] “북한, 구두 약속 아닌 핵실험 금지 조약에 서명해야”

In an interview with VOA Korea, CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo explains that a verbal promise from North Korea not to continue nuclear testing does not suffice, and that North Korea should instead join the CTBT. Asked how long it would take to attain significant nuclear disarmament achievements, Zerbo replies that it would take longer than people suspect, as there are various elements to be considered such as nuclear and missile test sites, as well as nuclear materials. He points out that this process requires “a lot of expertise and knowledge, not only from international organisations, but also from nuclear weapons states like the US.” With regards to CTBTO’s role, Zerbo notes that the CTBTO has the expertise in comparing and analysing data before and after a test. The Organization could verify the permanent and irreversible closure of the North Korean test sites. Blowing up a tunnel is not enough.

Read more from the interview here.

Original article in Korean.


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