Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | July 30, 2018

Bringing youth to the table on issues of peace and security

CTBTO Youth Group member Brenna Gautam, a student at the Georgetown University Law School, analyzes Resolution 2419 adopted by the United Nations Security Council that emphasises the importance of including the views of youth in discussions related to peace and security.
“As a member of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization Youth Group (CYG) and as a young woman interested in advancing peace and security, UNSCR 2419 speaks directly to me” says Gautam.
Including the voices of youth doesn’t seem that easy, adds the author, states cannot simply start doing so; states must believe that they are legally committed to include those voices.
Unfortunately the contributions of youth are not really relevant when it comes to establish international law. Youth is again excluded from the construction of a system that on the other hand “we are then expected to adopt and inhabit” comments Gautam.
UNSCR 2419 takes into consideration the importance of allowing youth to take part in shaping this legal architecture.
“We may not be heading the negotiating table, but we are at least within the same room”, adds Gautam.

See full article here.


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