Posted by: ctbtonewsroom | August 8, 2018

The Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and the Middle East

Mounir Zahran, former head of the Egyptian Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament and 1996 chair of the Working Group on Legal and Institutional matters of the CTBT negotiations, analyses the reasons why Annex 2 countries, particularly in Middle East, still have not signed or ratified the Treaty. He states that if the United States and Israel ratify the CTBT…”the road will be clear for Egypt to ratify it and use the IMS and the International Data Centre (IDC) established by the treaty. It is to be noted that two CTBT seismic stations are planned to be installed in Egypt in Luxor and Qattamiya (Cairo) and that both of these would allow Egypt to benefit from the CTBT monitoring and verification system.” He states that “the CTBT has now established itself as a global norm against nuclear weapons test explosions” an urges all countries to ratify the Treaty.

Read the full article here:


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